What it Means to have Astrology in the Bible

What it Means to have Astrology in the Bible

Some ancient biblical scholars believe there is a direct correlation between the depiction and personalities of the Twelve Apostles and the descriptions and characteristics of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Throughout time and history we have been shown that anything is possible. People in the past have dabbled in correlating the Twelve Apostles, with the twelve signs of the zodiac, yet how many people have actually considered such an ancient concept to actually exist? Were the twelve signs of the zodiac, named after the twelve personality traits of the apostles? Or, were the Twelve Apostles chosen by Christ, representing what had already been set into motion by God with the “cyclical, biological time clock of the living”, compelling all mankind to act, and react to environmental stimuli. We have to ask ourselves when we get that overwhelming urge to act in a manner that is atypical of our character: “where is this need to act out coming from”? Is this character, destiny, or free will?

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