What it Means to Find Your Path

What it Means to Find Your Path

Causality is how everything works, with consciousness at its core. What has happened will influence something else to occur. Once referred to as cause and effect or the ever eluding notion of karma. 

Karma is your innate code of right and wrong, your way of determining checks and balances along your path. With all information recorded for posterity in your consciousness, never eluding you.  

The consciousness is far bigger than once perceived. We have lived our whole life thinking and believing that the brain was at the center core of all that is and all that will ever be in this life. Science, medicine, and spirituality have afforded us the truth about what causal is and based on that where you are going. Consciousness, soul, and spirit are fundamental in this universe. Knowing this, take a moment, contemplate, where are you, where are you going.  Is that where you want to be? 

Recipent of the 2016 eLit Bronz Award in New Age / Mind-Body-Spirit.

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