What it Means to Understand the Science of Spirit

What it Means to Understand the Science of Spirit

Unbeknownst to our conscious mind, there is a guiding, directing force behind us all. We will refer to this force as an inner wisdom, or spirit, one that we allow to make decisions for us. These decisions, which are made on a subconscious level, aid and guide us to the next level of our growth and development. One simple way to utilize the power of color is through candle lighting, the color will emanate frequency that will heal you guide you and direct you on this path we call life. We might not know why we light a white, or even a yellow candle during our meditations, and we might not give it a second thought when we light pink or purple candles at the dinner table, or a blue candle to read by before we drift off to sleep, but all of these spontaneous and intuitive actions and decisions to light candles set up the energy for manifestation. It is the power, insight and wisdom of your spirit that speaks to you through your environment. By paying attention I assure you happiness will be waiting.

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