What it Means to Have a Guardian Angel

Posted on 10/20/2015 - 18:31 by Tina

   Not everything is perfect white and fluffy on every level on the other side. There are angels yes, but demons, spirits and low-level entities as well.  When a person passes from this life, they are not automatically an angel. They are a spirit and will in time rise among the ranks of heavenly beings. However, when a person passes over they will still have all of their same characteristics and personality they had when they were alive. Strong, loving and compassionate people passing into the spirit world will not have to wait as long to be a guide to someone still in the physical body, even though this too will not happen overnight. When we feel the presence of a friend that has died, that does not mean that the person will be your guide or ever your angel.  Think about the life that your friend or family member had on this earth; is this the kind of guidance that you want to continue with in your life,  normally not. But that does not mean your friend can not hang out and get accustom to the other side with the compassion and love you send them. The world is full of love, passion and positive people. However, there is a reason we have locks on our doors and businesses have alarm systems for when they are closed. The world is full of anger, hatred and evil people. The same is true on the other side. When a person passes from this life, they do not pass through a veil of heavenly profection that makes them an angel. Their anger fear and jealousy goes with them to the other side. If they didn't like you in an earthly form, they would not like you from the other side. A person who passes over with anger and hatred in their heart will continue with that essence on the other side. It is for this reason that we have so many heavenly angels protecting us during the day and throughout the night. 
        There is no magic spell to get someone to like you, and if there were would you want to use it. You are who you are for a reason and the same with your adversary. 
Our only protection from these angry and confused spirits is the protection that we have from our angels. When you live a high-level vibration and resonate with love and truth that will be the same level of the angel that will be protecting you. In the event you are resonating with a low energy level, with poorly stimulated chakras and jealousy in your heart that will be the same influence that will be protecting you from the other side. Being protected by a low or negative being is like being unquestionably protected at all. Is this the same as the saying 'you are what you eat'? If so your protection is no better than not being protected at all. It would behove you I would think, to stimulate your chakras live in the light with love and truth in your heart and put your anger, hatred, and jealousy aside for the sake of your soul. 


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