Where does Fear come from?

Posted on 02/09/2017 - 16:02 by Tina

 Excerpts from

"What it Means to Find your Path." 

In talking with a friend today I heard her pain as she describes the generational energy of her people. What she knows is through oral history and living a lifetime on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.  She knew first-hand the plight which the Blackfeet and Cree experienced, and some of what the Northern Cheyenne experienced, as her daughter is an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation.  In fact her daughter is a direct descendant of Little Wolf and Two Moons, both Cheyenne chiefs who fought against Custer in the battle of the little Big Horn. Native spiritual beliefs align with the ideas of soul vibrations, generational energies and soul memories.

       Christopher Columbus landed in what is now the Dominican Republic and was basically a slave trader. He OPENED UP the channels of "whites" encroaching on the Native peoples of the America's.  These people were under the impression Native people were “Savages.” 

       Indian people may not have had the technology the whites did, but they actually were more civilized.  The concept of owning the land or the haves and the have-nots weren't part of life.  The Indian people were very self-sufficient and took care of their own.  

      It wasn't until they were put on reservations that they became dependent on others.  It wasn't until the reservations were formed that Indian people experienced poverty, addictions and dysfunctions.  

      Indian people were made “civilized” through religion, and through the boarding schools.  It was all used to ASSIMILATE the people.  To take away the Indian culture was to strip their identity; and this was done by taking away their language and their way of life.  The Indian children were taken against the will of their parents and placed in these boarding schools. Their hair was cut. The children were beaten and to punish them further the children were isolated in dark closets for hours for speaking their native language. The Indians moved their lodges or teepees closer to the boarding schools to be near their children. The white man taught the children to farm, and to sew, so as to integrate with the white man.

       In the history books they call this time “the Indian Wars.”  There were no wars; it was a massacre by the Army. When the Indian people tried to protect themselves and their way of life, it was viewed as an uprising and an excuse to go after them. 

      Some believe blankets infused with small pox were given to the Indians as a form of germ warfare.  Indian people had never been exposed to this disease; thus they had no genetic tolerance to fight it off.  There were two small pox epidemics suffered by the Blackfeet.  The first in 1780 and the second in 1837.  The outbreak in1837, where over 6000 Blackfeet died, left lasting memories for generations to overcome.  It is hard to quote when one side says this happened and the other side says it did not, with no concession on either side. I am talking primarily about the oral history of the American Indians vs. the US Government over the spread of smallpox, more specifically the use of small pox infused blankets gifted to the Indians from the government. 

      When we talk about generational energy, soul memory and, not to mention, DNA you can see how generations of people were affected and continue to be affected by this and other takeovers.  

      Each person is comprised of DNA/RNA, epigenetics, soul memory and generational energy - all vibrations concluding our present reality. So it’s easy to see, regardless of which side you take, there are generational effects being played out today. 

      The Indian people were hunter gathers, not farmers. The land was barren; so man could not sustain life for any prolonged period of time as a farmer.  The Indians had once migrated across the land because the animals migrated, giving them food as they found shelter.  

     When the Indians were moved on to what the white man called the reservation, they were no longer allowed to migrate with the animals for food.  The once proud Indian man was no longer capable of feeding his family. Living off of the land was no longer an option. The white man moving the Indians onto the reservations brought their own rules, laws and the one thing the Indians had never experienced: alcohol, setting up generations of poverty, addictions and humiliation for a once proud nation. This generational and environmental energy continues to resonate to this day for the descendants of those directly involved.  

     Understanding the why/where/how is the first step to this evolution of healing. This generational energy had set up a culture of dependency, dysfunction and poverty - out of fear of persecution. 

      This is one story of one people, these travesties have occurred time and time again. No one is protected from the pain and sorrows of their ancestors and everyone continues to suffer the psychological effects of the torment of their forebears. 

     There has been cause and effect. Now there must be a solution for people to heal as they move into the lives that they now wish to create for themselves. One important lesson is that if you are a part of the problem you cannot be a part of the solution. Beware of the common sayings: “mind your own business,” and “We only know what is best for ourselves.” 

      These are circumstances that once plagued the American Indians, as they are similar to conditions that have played out in other cultures and which have repeated themselves throughout history. 

      We have been talking about the biology or mechanics of the physical body, the heart, brain and human functions when-what-where and how. Now let’s talk about the soul. 

Pictured are hand restraints used in taking small children to the American Boarding schools, away from thier families and the only way of life that they knew. .                 


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