Healing Crystals

Posted on 03/02/2017 - 02:28 by Tina

Quartz crystals are an essence of life and are similar to, but not the same as - plants, rocks or even the dirt beneath your feet.  Crystals, unlike humans or plants, do not possess the capacity to reason or to reproduce.  As the one central aspect of a crystal that will set this gem apart from other life forms such as plants, soil, ocean life or even humans is its capacity not to resonate to - or respond to recurring cycles. Every situation is new and unmolested by your crystal not compromise by the past in any way.  Thus, the ever familiar message among people being if it happens once it will happen again does not apply to crystals. Any and all communication between a crystal and a person will be initiated by the individual and not vice-versa. You will never have a valid argument that your crystal made you do it! A crystal is not capable of conveying a message to you, yet you may send a message or command to the crystal, and it will be received.  A quartz crystal will magnify your thoughts and intentions bringing about your desired results and physical manifestations. Although no crystal will be capable of possessing original thoughts or desires, it will possess a personality of its own, yet not possessing of discerning energy, ego or desire. Each crystal as with each person will maintain a life path and a destiny unto itself.   Each person has a unique capacity to feel and to resonate to the environment around them. That is why when you go somewhere that you feel love, happiness and a sense of well-being you will have a fantastic time.  The same as when you hold a quartz crystal. If the crystal is comprised of healing energy, you will feel its energy when holding it preferably in your right receiving hand. You will feel this energy in your auric field.   Your awareness will be clear that that particular crystal is better suited for you as a healing component versus another crystal that you might feel playful, naughty or mischievous when holding. As with the second crystal, you will know that it is not a healing crystal for you to use to bring balance, harmony or healing to the body, mind, or spirit.  When you hold a quartz crystal in any form, rock, wand, point or in its rawest form that crystal will be a conductor of your intent with an undertone of its own.  Despite you possessing a physical body, auric field, conscious and subconscious body you cannot make a crystal,  rock, or any plant or mineral do what it is innately incapable of doing. As this is where the saying comes from that maintains "it is what it is." Going on as well to say and
" that is all that it is capable of doing."  When working, possessing or just admiring quartz crystals, you innately will know what the crystals energy has harnessed and how you might use that force to your absolute success.   In the early eighties, I studied with Brian Leslie Weiss an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death ( Wikipedia). After many classes, lectures, and seminars I felt compelled to go home and try what I had learned on my own family.  I placed my father in a state of hypnosis with the intent of seeing if he had locked within his subconscious a life unrevealed to him or me thus far that might be brought to the surface not for analysis but as a form at the time of exploration or entertainment. To my utter amazement, I was unprepared for what came next. My father was a professional businessman, and I had not shared my studies or interest in crystals or Metaphysics with him. He always said he didn't know what I did, but he wasn't going to cross me. It was always a family joke as to what I would study next. As he became more and more relaxed with my guidance, he began to speak of a life not admitting that it was he but he saw and felt compelled to speak of. He saw this person, moving through space at a quantum rate of speed. He knew where he and his other companions were going what they were doing and why. He began to explain physics, energy, science and healing properties of a person through the use of atmospheric characteristic via environment and clear glass like scepters or wands. What had I gotten myself into was my only thought. As he shared with me what he was doing and where he was going my confused mind spoke through my voice and said how is that even possible. At which time my father explained to me that they were in a spacecraft going through time and space using quartz crystals and black holes as a form of propellant.  Using these crystals and the black holes they could move faster than the speed of light and swifter than the speed of sound.  He then began to share with me other lives, experiences, and information. It was an amazing session, to say the least. My fascination with crystals at that point was full speed ahead.  My studies took me around the world, many years and through countless experiments and research physical, and metaphysical. In 1987 I was mentioned in TIME magazine explaining how physical problems and illness in the physical body was a result of disharmony and confusion and how using crystals would remove and release such a plight, or situation so that you could release yourself from the suffering, disease, and chaos restoring your body to its whole and unencumbered physical state.  And how each of your organs represented a particular vibrational rate that would resonate with anger or resentment when out of balance resulting in gallbladder problems, cancer or even the common cold. How spiritual issues affected the physical body and how rock, stones, and crystals through their own unique vibrational properties can restore balance and harmony to the body promoting healing and happiness once again to your life. So in conclusion, pick up a crystal feel its vibration and if that vibration is one of healing and happiness let that crystal heal you. 


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