Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II

Read how past life situations have present life ramifications.

Candle Lighting can and will enhance the quality of your life, giving you another dimension in which you alone are in complete control.

Candle lighting to purpose is not unique to the 21st century. It is a ritual that has been used for centuries, for religious purposes, enlightenment, and health and wellbeing.
Historians have recorded as early as 3000 B.C., the Minions in ancient Crete added plants, berries and tree bark to their candles for ceremonial purpose.
The Candle Lighting Encyclopedia gives insight on candle lighting with purpose using specific colors, aromatics and timelines to attract your desire, or to release a person or situation you no longer want or need in your life. The material in The Candle Lighting Encyclopedia: Volume 2 raises one’s vibrational level to the next level so as to reach your maximum potential and balance.
Balance is the basic nature of the Universe. To obtain intuitive insight, you must establish harmonious balance within your mind and body in order for you to reach your highest physical, mental and spiritual potential. This balance can be obtained by anyone strong enough to rise above and go beyond their present comfort zone:
Color emanates a vibration which dictates its color. Below is a brief explanation of each color vibration. 
Red is often used to attract passion, be it romantic or anger.
Orange is a festive color and can be used to heal and soothe the body and mind.
Yellow will stimulate your ability to communicate
Blue has a calming affect, used for tranquility and healing.
Green, being the color of money, stimulates a positive cash flow.
Violet is the color vibration that will connect you to the Divine Source/God.
Gray is a color that may be used to dispel any wrongdoing.
Black., as a color, may instill fear and can invoke suppression.
Brown is an earthen color, which is stabilizing and consistent.
White is the color of purity with intent. Surrounding oneself with white will make you feel fresh and renewed.”

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