Feng Shui Candle Lighting

Feng Shui Candle Lighting

The ancient practice of candle lighting to purpose, accomplished by the sages of long ago...

Feng Shui Candle Lighting for the first time in print allows the reader the perfect balance between life and their environment. Enabling them the tools needed for a rich and rewarding life.

Now for the first time in print a quintessential approach to successful living! Feng Shui Candle Lighting is a revolutionary way of life. There can be nothing short of miraculous events happening in your life by following the simple examples in this book. Did you know that if you were a female and were born in 1952 and lived in a home where the front door faced west that you would experience health and legal problems while living there? Did you know that if your child's study desk were facing a certain direction he or she would excel beyond their intrinsic capabilities? Is the distance that you travel to work preventing you from receiving that promotion that you really deserve? Is the length of your sofa keeping you from relaxing in the evenings? Or is your sofa on the wrong wall in the living room? Is the size of your yard causing problems in your relationship, bringing about a divorce, or is your yard keeping you from having a relationship? Are your children out of control, antagonistic or always sick? These are just a few problems that can be easily remedied when using the information in this book. Feng Shui Candle Lighting is a powerfully successfully technique for enjoying abundance, prosperity, happiness and a healthy life! It's easy - it's fun and the rewards are extraordinary! Author Bio: Tina Ketch has brought the conception of Feng Shui Candle Lighting into existence She had researched the effectiveness of Feng Shui Candle Lighting for over 22 years before introducing her results to the public. The topic in this book has never before in recorded history been studied, researches, refined and defined as been done by Tina Ketch. Tina Ketch has been a writer, philosopher, lecturer and student for over 30 years. She has appeared on countless television programs as well as live talk radio. In her travels throughout the United States and Europe Tina has collected thousands of pages of information and statistical data and has involved thousands of people in the research that she has compiled into the most comprehensive user-friendly books ever in print. Tina spent 9 years living in Germany and France studying as well as conducting research on this and other Candle Lighting subjects. She presently has more information in print, on the subject of "Candle Lighting" than any other person in recorded history. Tina has a strong background in psychology, metaphysics and theology in which she holds a Doctorate.

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