Releasing the Key to Physical Manifestation

Releasing the Key to Physical Manifestation

 The "word" vibration means little or nothing to so many people. If you can't see it or if your can't feel it - then it just isn't there.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What about God, isn't that one of the "faith-based beliefs" they said therefore it is!

God is as all are vibration, movement, never beginning, never ending, alpha and omega, yen, yang - you get it. Something that is has always been and will forever be.

Words, feeling, beliefs, emotions, fears, love, anger all hold vibration, movement intense and purpose. Vibrations as atoms cannot be destroyed - it can be changed, re-educated, and rejuvenated, but not destroyed.

Thus, negative thoughts, fears and anger to name a few vibrations must be "Released" from you - your essence and changed. We can not destroy the vibrational energy so that thought, anger, hatred must be re-educated so you can use your energy vibration for your highest good, not deepest fear.

Tina along with this book and technique had been mentioned in Time Magazine and is a must read and imperative practice to adapt for a positive, prosperous and loving existence.

The old saying "if it happen once it will happen again" is an example of this - change the vibrational energy or you will be doomed to repeat your pain and mistakes. This book is a life changing event....


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