Whose Life are you Living

Whose Life are you Living

Step out of your comfort zone.  DNA and environmental energy has set your life in motion. But this is your life’s journey you have to blaze your own trail.  Its time to begin your journey through  life the one that you create, desire and deserve.
It is now time for you to become ‘you’ who you really are, for real and for good.

You sit there watching television, comfortable on your sofa that you have had forever.  The house looks good and the kids are all in bed, But wait - is this your life - yes, but are you living it? Think about it, what are your upward mobile goals. By virtue of the word ‘life’ it implies a forward motion. What do you want out of life? Are you living your life, or are you just comfortable or yet still are you emulating one of your parents? Are you finished, are you complacent, or are you just taking a break due to a lack of focus?  
You must have focus, and an emotion to make change.
Life offers no limitations.


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