What it Means to have a Guardian Angel

What it Means to have a Guardian Angel

This book, although about angels is not a religious book. There was God and angels long before the Bible was inscribed. The Bible not a diary of sorts points to only significant event at the time of its accumulation. Nore has this book been based only on Western religious doctrine.  I have compiled over 50 years of statistical data, research and first-hand accounts into this one cover and there are still questions to be asked and answered. Only the creator of everything has all of the answers, and I don't see that the time or place for the answers is now. But I do know that we have help guidance and assistance whenever we ask. The creator of all has given free will to all who inhabit the domains that he has created and for this reason in your time of need you must call out for relief. It is not up to your angels to second guess or circumvent your situation but for you to petition their help when you are in need. We live in a progressive tumultuous world where fear, anguish, and confusion is served at every meal - where the information in this book will provide solace, peace, love, light and the truth into your life.

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