What it Means to Live in a Causal World

What it Means to Live in a Causal World

It’s hard to live a life of purpose and wisdom in such a digital age. Lives and perspectives have been changing over the years what once was the norm for families society and the world as a whole has become unthinkable. Wars conflict pollution and abuse have taken over the nightly news. Weather reports now include pollen and smog alerts. Where is the story about the record crops? There aren't any. Droughts insects pesticides and politics have all but taken the livelihood of the American farmer. The Earth will not die but we will. This is a causal world and we all collectively created our lives and the environment that we are now experiencing.
No longer are most concerned about where they are going in life but only how to get there. Love compassion and the brotherhood of mankind have all but been forgotten. Have we lost our way our principals and values? The universe is offering us solutions clues and keys to understanding and a path back to what once was a substantial world with crops plentiful in the fields fish in the lakes rivers and streams and love and empathy in our hearts. Whereas we are destroying the earth the answers actually lie within this planet as it has given us herbs plants and spices that are little healers that aid and assist us in finding our purpose in this life by releasing the past. Herbs that will vibrate on the same vibrational level as the success love and happiness that we are seeking. Numbers follow us what are the numbers in your life telling you? All of the information in this book will guide you back to your purposeful life on a whole and a healthy earth. 

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