Tina Ketch

Tina grew up in the metropolitan city of Des Moines, in the heart of the mid-west where people were people and your neighbors were your best friends. This is where her adventure began. A strong Catholic mother and a traditional as well as conservative father raised her with the cultural advantages of the 50’s.

This up bringing gave her a belief in values, self-worth and conviction in God. Having grown up with the Catholic Church as a strong influence on her life, Tina quickly learned the benefits of candle lighting to purpose as well as the importance in allowing tumultuous emotions from the past to be laid to rest.

Tina’s travels and extended quest throughout Europe gave her not only comparative cultural lifestyles to explore new and interesting religious experience to which she incorporated with that which she had as a child. Thus, allowing her passion for religious studies to take on a new dimension bringing together this new aspect of her learned knowledge – incorporating this with religious dogma and spirituality, lending to a viable semblance to her personality.

Tina Ketch is a living-breathing example of the metaphysical concept of manifestation of desire. She lives what she believes and practices that which she preaches.  Tina holds tight to the concept that life does not have to hurt and that we need not design life to be difficult. Through her work as a counselor, life coach, writer and lecturer she has incorporated this concept into her teachings, passing it on to those with whom she has come in contact, lending to positive changes within human behavior and expectation of physical manifestation.

Presently after raising three fine sons, burring one, Tina resides in a small township outside of Atlanta, where on a daily basis she expects magical changes in her life and in the life of those around her, with grace and acceptance.

Tina has found that life is not only that which you create it to be – but that which you are willing to accept. Her concept is that the matriarchal and patriarchal societies of the past have given to this new time a multitude of vibrational advantages enabling life to be a more pleasurable experience.

Tina’s quest has been to research, define and investigate the language of the ancients bridging beliefs together through the understanding of quantum physics, as she believes they are one in the same. Bridging the gap to understanding. 

Final thought - 'I am looking forward to the release of my new title, ‘Whose Life are you Living’ later this month. This book based on environment, DNA, and your ability to move above your genetic history for a free and independent life, dictated by your hearts desires and not those of past family members.'