Manifesting For Your Highest Good.

How to raise your vibrational rate for optimal living and manifestation
Deep, relaxed, rhythmic breathing will soon become second nature to you. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay where you know for at least five minutes you will not be disturbed. Clear your brain of chattering thoughts and regulate your breathing. Breathe in on the count of five, hold that breath on the count of five, exhale on the count of five and hold that breath on the count of five, repeat. It’s easy if you visualize yourself breathing in a box.
Relax your brain, and become involved with your breath. Feel it, watch it, and allow this breath to relax your body, and then your brain.
Don’t focus on your job, children, family, home. or your neighborhood. Any invading thoughts send away with a gentle hush from your brain. Your daily routine will become a thing of the past during this special time you have given yourself.
This controlled, relaxing breathing will allow your body and brain to breathe, as you oxygenate  your brain, cells and change through focus your vibrational rate to a manifesting level. Always remember to wake up, sit up or get up feeling differently than you did when you started.
The recommended time to work up to with this exercise would be twenty-five to thirty minutes a day. This is not the standard meditation, you do not need any specific place that this exercise needs to be preformed, just any where that you feel good and will not be disrupted.
Twenty minutes of this exercise per day will give you a minimum of six hours of manifesting time. Manifesting time will be the amount of time your vibrational level will be raised influencing your brain for your highest good, this term widely used during medieval times, to describe the ‘ultimate importance’ in ones life. Manifesting your desires, through focus and composing your thoughts will give you a more peaceful life style during such turbulent times.
Raising your rate of vibration to a manifesting level will also be obtained by spending time with nature. I am not advocating hugging a tree, however there is nothing wrong with that. Rather, take a walk outside, sit in the grass, lay on the ground and watch the clouds in the sky, spend time, breathing the fresh crisp air if the weather is cold or bask in the sunlight on a warm summers day. This will allow you the space in your brain and body to uplift your life to a manifesting level.  I am not asking you to jump inside of a volcano or slide down a water fall but give nature a try, the benefits for your life enhancing your manifesting abilities to an abundant and overflowing level. Breathe, relax in enjoy what your mind calls the wonderment of life.