Life Changes Are Real

We are all aware of the earths changing seasons being the earths way of growing, cleansing and nurturing itself as it effects us on so many levels. But there are more things going on than just changing seasons. These may be unseen or even obvious changes that we are unaware of, but change none-the-less. Individuals are changing and it isn’t just technology and the new innovative thinking of todays people that has caused these behavioral and sometimes violent disturbances among families, friends, at home or in the work place. We are a nation at war in more ways than just the obvious on the nightly news.

We have become accustom innately of the vibrations and rotations of the earth. A subtle change can throw us all into a tailspin and that is just what has happened.

The changing ecliptic of the Earth is causing the once balanced and healthy people to feel off kilter. Right and left-brain at one time seemed to be more pronounced. Now the blend has been seen more than ever before. The behaviors of ourselves and those around us have to raise question as to just when did this change take place – how did it happen and what’s going to happen to us now. People are sensitive – more now than ever before. Just not only a sensitive culture but even more inquisitive. We want to know, not that we can change the rotation of the earth but we want to know the when where what and buts about it as if we has some control and could change it back…

The earth now tilts 22.5 to 24.5 degrees of top dead center. Magnetic north and true north are not at the same location as once before. We are sensitive beings and we do feel the tilt.
But if the truth were told there are many reasons for the balance of the Earth and its inhabitants not to maintain equilibrium at this time. One reason for this feeling is the Earth is orbiting the narrowest end of the ecliptic. This is also a feeling of “being away from mom for the first time.” That feeling of insecurity and inadequacy is a frightening place to be. At one time in your life all of your needs were met and you had no worries, concerns or doubts about tomorrow. All of that now is gone.
At one time the inner-balance of each individual was on the same wavelength or vibrational level as the Earth, which is approximately 94.5 cycles per minute. This balance is the same frequency as the musical note “F Sharp” and again the same vibration level as the sound if we could hear in the center of the Kings Chamber in the great pyramid of Giza. As well the same balanced frequency sent ringing from a massive quake and explosion of a Neutron Star half way across the Milky Way galaxy in 2005. The reason that no one was concerned with this explosion that has effected us on such a deep vibrational level is because it was on a vibrational level that we are comfortable with even though a quake and explosion is serious. This vibration tone is the same as the 22nd key on the piano and the last card in the Major Arcana in the tarot. This card is the epitome of the World and if studied you will discover its message is that of spiritual and physical cycles. Cycles similar to what we have been going through. East meets West with questioning religions, cultures and more Eastern traditions, acupuncture, ti-chi meditation as well as many many other traditions now becoming common place in the West. These are a few of the blending changes we are now experiencing. The key to the definition of this card is Innovation and Evolution. By virtue of this changing energy you will feel differently about many once daily thoughts and aspirations. The universe is sending us a message and that message is strong and conclusive – change is here. All of these seemingly unrelated events or vibrations lend to the story as to how balance has and is changing. All of these vibrations, natural or random is sending the message of caution. We can’t change the orbit of the earth or stop massive earth quakes from happening but the effects on our psyche is something that we have no choice but to understand so that we might gain the knowledge needed to compensate for what is happening in our world, in our bodies and effecting our thoughts and relationships. These results or changes in words paint the picture and that picture is that we have wondered away from home allowing our ego to be our guide.
The earth had offered lifetimes of security and hopefulness, the United States was not the only land of opportunity. Leaving your doors unlocked, knowing all of your neighbors and sharing food and stories is over. Our security is gone. The once happy people are now fearful and distrusting of most others.
We were innately comfortable with the vibrations bringing innovation and evolution but those feelings are now worlds away and the facade of this once comfortable cycle has come to a conclusion. We are now entering in a new world yet bringing with us what we had learned. Reality is the strongest proof that change has occurred and nothing will be the same ever again.
We still have seasons, yet the vibration in which they take place has changed, longer winters, hotter summers and I’m sure no matter where you live you have experienced these differences.

Its time for all of us to start back at the beginning and put our life back on track. There have been changes and now its our turn. After reading ‘Whose Life are you Living Environmental Epigenetic’ by this same author its time to take that new you and put it in this new world.
When you feel good about yourself and about your life, you attract people and situations that will make you feel good as well, i.e., you bring circumstances to you, you manifest your reality. The act of manifestation is to “make real”. Conversely when you are depressed, upset or confused you will attract those people and situations that will stimulate those crazy and bazaar feelings within you. These were not the common consensus that we were brought up with, however, times and attitudes have been changing. Vacillating and tumultuous times bring changing awareness, understanding and sometimes a brighter picture of what we had once believed to be true. Anything that brings us un-happiness we want to blame on those around us – but that’s not the way that it is, these changing vibrations are the culprit this time.
You look around and everything seems to be the same. We are looking through the same eyes yet with a different outlook. The most obvious in front of us has a new meaning. No longer can we just look out the window and not be concerned as to what’s happening in our world. By ignoring things externally you are also ignoring your inner self. We are multi -dimensional functioning people. It’s not just how you feel that we should consider. The whole picture of our life consisting of who you are, where you are, and when you are there. Everything you see, feel, touch or hear effects you just as much as the time of the day, the day of the week and the year. These are all collective aspects that effect you and make you who you are on more than just the obvious conscious level, now and forever.