TIME Magazine 1987 adds Tina Ketch to its Line up of Intuitive People

As mentioned in TIME magazine December 7, 1987, Tina Lucia now Tina Ketch explains how vibrations of sound and the resonance of these vibrations can release the negative energies residing in and around your body. This energy under the guise of various cancers and diseases invade your body and when released give way to sometimes spontaneous healing as well the understanding then relief of other discomforts and illnesses.  
Tina now expresses this very same energy by a different name, this name being a quantum wave as it conveys and express's itself within the field of Science and Epigenetic’s, in her newly released book, titled ‘Whose Life are you Living / Environmental Epigenetic’s... New words same concept, please share and inform. Candle-Lighting.com