Why Lighting Candles with INTENT Will Allow Your Desire to Manifest

Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II
When lighting candles, some may had thought this was an element of magic.  One hundred years ago and even beyond this may had been thought to be true. However in todays quantum world it is easy to see how what you want can manifest or 'materialize' in your life through your desires, not magic. The ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs of man seem to take one giant step forward and then several steps back. What once was magic appears now as logic, science and even biology. 


I had always heard that things manifest in your life in Proportion to your faith. I now see that this faith is also called focus. The focus of your desire is an emotional feeling. As you feel the shift with in yourself through your emotions these emotions will be triggered by the Peptides in your body. The peptide hypothesis can be stated as: where there is a mood, or emotion there is a molecule. How much of a particular peptide or molecule you have available and active in your body is directly impacted by your emotional experiences and expressions, thus the expedience of your manifestation. 


Now you can see  how  manifestation through candle lighting is not magic but emotional logic. You may feel emotions are not logic yet making any logical decision must be based on emotion as logic is impossible with out it. So at this point of decision, emotions are very important for choosing. In fact even with what we believe are logical decisions, the very point of choice is arguably always based on emotion. 


The practice  of candle lighting for religious and ceremonial purposes has been performed throughout history. Dating back as far as the Minions in ancient Crete. Archaeological evidence suggest the island's habitation since the 7th millennium BC with its influence reaching as far as Egypt, Asia Minor, and Syria. It was Crete that Homer had recalled as he spoke of the Golden Age in which men had been more civilized. and life more refined, than in his own disordered time.  


The Crete’s were preoccupied with the idea of the soul the perishable and the immutability of matter, it was the mystery of death that exerted a tremendous amount of energy at the time to ascertain fact from fiction. The concept of life, death and the manifestation of matter was at the fore front of mental endeavors and investigations during even the most infinite stages of this civilization.
It has long since been believed that when motive meets opportunity manifestation will occur. This I will call intent