What it Means to Find Your Path


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What is the difference between your brain thoughts and your conscious thoughts? Let's bring it all together for a wonderful, exciting and successful life. Is it LOVE, MONEY, good HEALTH you are looking for - HERE YOU GO! 

I feel that I am on a rollercoaster and that each beginning and ending is at the same place. My perspective of life has always been a source of enthusiasm. Encouraged to see what's next and to know how it's going to affect the next step in evolution, breaking out of the norm and changing humanity at the very least. I never expected utopia on earth or even world peace. However, I feel we are slipping further and further behind the progressive finish line. Modern times have brought many to the level of the victim mentality; it's not my fault, and you hurt my feelings. Seldom now do I hear what can I do to fix it and how can I stop that from happening again? I understand we have been living, but not growing; leaving us ill-equipped to handle repeating problems. Bringing recurring problems to us on a regular basis that seem just never to go away; with little change and then with them they bring even more problems with even more complicated solutions. Hence, my reason for this book. We MUST stop these never ending cycles of denial, dysfunction and dissatisfied lifestyles that may all be stemming from our ancestral DNA patterns. It's time to break the cycles of frustration and uncertainty; taking responsibility and control of our 'now' to change your future. That is just the reason for this book; to put you on the 'right' path.

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